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Internists specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating disease in children and adults.

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Internists specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating disease in children and adults.

Trust Us to Care for You

Internists specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating disease in adults. At Vision Medical Center, we offer general internists as well as medical subspecialists with training in fields such as cardiology, endocrinology or hepatology who together can provide our adults comprehensive and coordinated care in a welcoming environment.

Our internal medicine physicians offer you:

  • Chronic disease management
  • State-of-the-art care
  • Acute-care treatment
  • Appointments for urgent problems within one business day
  • Health maintenance and preventive care

Patient-Centered Care

The local heat causes a fever-like environment in the skin and promotes the release of lysate from the microneedles, effectively attracting and activating immune cells. The increased temperature also contributes to the locally increased blood and lymphatic flow that facilitates the migration of immune cells. This increased immune response amplifies the ability of the body to remember – and respond to – the lysate, better protecting against incursions of melanoma.

To test the patch’s potential as a vaccine, the researchers used three groups of mice: one group got the patch and was exposed to infrared light; one group got the patch, but was not exposed to light; and one group got an empty patch. The mice had the patch on for five days. Ten days after the patch was applied, mice were injected with active melanoma cells.

Within one month, all of the mice that received the empty patch had died from melanoma. The lysate patch by itself, without exposure to near IR light, provided little protection: only 13 percent of the mice survived. Meanwhile, 100 percent of the mice that got the lysate patch and infrared light survived after two months and 87 percent of them had no tumors.

To further test the patch’s therapeutic properties, researchers performed a similar experiment. Except this time, all of the mice had already developed two tumors – one on each side of the body. The patch was placed on the tumor on the left side of their bodies.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy services are available by appointment with a written prescription required. Our services are open to students, faculty, and staff. There will be a charge for each visit based on services rendered. Students who have paid the Vision Medical Center fee will be treated at a reduced cost. Charges incurred can be paid in full at the time of checkout or applied to your bursar account. The Vision Medical Center will submit claims to Student Health plans. It is the responsibility of the patient to research their insurance plan’s coverage and pre-authorization requirements. Contact your insurance carrier to see if Vision Medical Center is in-network with your plan and/or if you are eligible for reimbursement by submitting a copy of your itemized receipt. Receipts are available at checkout from the cashier.


Commitment to Quality:

  • Fully licensed
  • Committed to providing quality pharmaceutical services with emphasis on individual patient counseling about such issues as drug interaction, dosage, appropriate storage and side effects
  • An academic training site for the U-M College of Pharmacy Experiential Program

Researchers have developed a melanin-enhanced cancer immunotherapy technique that can also serve as a vaccine, based on early experiments done in a mouse model. The technique is applied via a transdermal patch.

Some previous research had suggested that CF airway cells, compared to healthy airway cells, overproduce or even underproduce mucins. However, Ribeiro said, “Our results show that the CF mucin response to infectious/inflammatory factors is really the same as that of normal airway cells.”

The big difference in the cells’ responses has to do with fluid secretion: The normal cells secrete more fluid to keep the increased mucus thin and mobile, whereas the CF cells secrete hardly any fluid.

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