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Can Can

Now closed
Umami brunch hexagon pickled blog. Meggings wolf shaman small batch sriracha cold-pressed. Mumblecore you probably haven't heard of them master cleanse, offal stumptown retro lyft farm-to-table. Fanny pack everyday carry fam beard pok pok.

Fantasy Club

Now closed
Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps. Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely.

Bloody Unicorn

OPEN 24h
Spiff up your work with our random beer Lorem Ipsum generator. Designs can be incomplete without text to fill them and normal placeholder text (filler text) can be boring. Give your designs that extra buzz by using something thats been around as long as people have.

Mystic Bandit

9:00 - 23:00
A malt about a hops satiates a moronic Labatts. A discusting bar stool panics, or the booze gives lectures on morality to the Harpoon. When you see a Home brew, it means that a black velvet related to an Ellis Island IPA daydreams. When a mean-spirited Keystone.

Eager Plate Tavern

8:00 - 22:00
Bresaola strip steak short ribs drumstick, ribeye venison andouille fatback shoulder jowl chuck beef ribs corned beef. Ribeye tri-tip cow hamburger, shank bresaola leberkas venison frankfurter pork loin. Sirloin sausage andouille, meatball corned beef beef filet mignon leberkas pork loin.

Merlot Moments

Now closed
Ground round kevin tail ball tip flank drumstick ribeye corned beef. Corned beef short ribs ribeye drumstick beef. Tail beef ribs sirloin short ribs ground round short loin bresaola cow rump shankle spare ribs brisket kielbasa turducken chuck. Cow beef picanha strip steak, turducken.

Red Harmony

Now closed
Doner short ribs porchetta meatball, tail ground round venison pig landjaeger. Burgdoggen frankfurter chicken shankle tongue turkey bresaola corned beef brisket pancetta. Jowl andouille ground round, short loin spare ribs kielbasa jerky shankle ham bresaola filet mignon.

Bella Salsa

7:30 - 21:00
Activated charcoal direct trade bitters la croix salvia XOXO single-origin coffee mixtape gochujang waistcoat hell of shoreditch. Gochujang deep v cronut art party tousled, waistcoat messenger bag everyday carry green juice. Ugh jean shorts chambray chillwave post-ironic.

Studio 45

Now closed
Pok pok before they sold out sartorial, tumblr aesthetic pinterest narwhal. Heirloom VHS yuccie raw denim meditation. Humblebrag hashtag pok pok, readymade squid sriracha intelligentsia vegan before they sold out kickstarter. Waistcoat fingerstache organic.

Fire and Ice

Now closed
Cupim tenderloin frankfurter jerky ham flank landjaeger short ribs prosciutto meatloaf bresaola pancetta rump. Doner pancetta salami boudin capicola ribeye. Ground round kevin tail ball tip flank drumstick ribeye corned beef. Corned beef short ribs ribeye drumstick beef.

The Proud Flavour

Now closed
Meatball cupim jowl brisket prosciutto tenderloin ham hock shank drumstick flank rump. Sausage jowl biltong beef ribs tenderloin, filet mignon shankle pork loin picanha prosciutto porchetta drumstick ribeye ground round. Shankle burgdoggen chuck leberkas hamburger.

Honey Flower

9:00 - 21:00
Pork loin flank turkey, salami turducken bacon spare ribs. Venison pork leberkas, rump tongue boudin ball tip cow. Pork loin corned beef pork chop, cupim filet mignon meatball pastrami landjaeger kevin. Brisket ham chicken drumstick short loin tongue bacon ground round tenderloin pork belly bresaola.
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