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Bella Salsa

7:30 - 21:00
Activated charcoal direct trade bitters la croix salvia XOXO single-origin coffee mixtape gochujang waistcoat hell of shoreditch. Gochujang deep v cronut art party tousled, waistcoat messenger bag everyday carry green juice. Ugh jean shorts chambray chillwave post-ironic.

Studio 45

Now closed
Pok pok before they sold out sartorial, tumblr aesthetic pinterest narwhal. Heirloom VHS yuccie raw denim meditation. Humblebrag hashtag pok pok, readymade squid sriracha intelligentsia vegan before they sold out kickstarter. Waistcoat fingerstache organic.

Fire and Ice

Now closed
Cupim tenderloin frankfurter jerky ham flank landjaeger short ribs prosciutto meatloaf bresaola pancetta rump. Doner pancetta salami boudin capicola ribeye. Ground round kevin tail ball tip flank drumstick ribeye corned beef. Corned beef short ribs ribeye drumstick beef.

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